Getting Healthy & Fit: Physically, Mentally & Emotionally

Get to know M. Life AKA Jenn

Who's that Girl?


35. DC/NoVA. Fitness Enthusiast. Balance Seeker. Recovering Workaholic. Healing Journey. Weight Watchers. Loud Laugher. Fiery Leo. Theatre Junkie. Music Aficionado. Avid Writer. Pom Mom. Lawnguyland Native.

The Beginning


How do you measure a year?
I knew going into 2010 I wanted to make big life changes. Aftering a conversation with a friend recently during a long roadtrip I took the challenge to measure my year in "cups of coffee" as per the song Seasons of Love in RENT. It got me thinking about what else I can measure and track.
I committed to changing my diet and lifestyle after being on a half ass diet for most of my adult life, that has yielded limited or temporary results. 

mind, body and soul.
Chronicling my journey in blog form has helped make me accountable. I not only said it, but I WROTE it for the whole world to see!

Chasing my Dreams


I went to college for broadcast journalism and theatre. I did college radio and interned at a top 40 station, but senior year of college (back in 2005) I was scared about the future of radio and I knew I loved my college leadership experiences so I decided to get my masters in higher education/student affairs and have worked as a college administrator ever since. I chose education because it's a safe and a guaranteed paycheck - both my parents we teachers/administrators and both my mom's parents were teachers too. I've worked since I was 14 and after my dad died was I was 24 I knew I had no safety net (my mother is an alcoholic who I have a tumultuous relationship with). I've worked my way up the career chain - moving out and up to get there (I've worked in CT, TX, AL, VA and now DC). I got my "dream job" in my field exactly 2 years ago and it's not fulfilling at all. Finally reaching this "goal" and having it be such a monumental disappointment has really been an eye-opener. Just as I started my "dream job" 2 years ago my fiance and I also bought a townhouse - it's within our means but has only added pressure on myself to make sure I can bring home paycheck and contribute. 

I want to reconnect with the writer and storyteller that I've always known I am, but never really let out. I've always been a writer - I've kept written journals since 8th grade and I've been writing various blogs since 2004. My most long-term blog has been this one that I kept private since 2010 until now!